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    It’s kindling your passion, for work or for play. It’s the spark of connection, with people and places. It’s the burning desire to make a difference. Whatever your motivation, we want to give you the opportunity to be a Bright Light. Engage with us – by making a gift or volunteering, via social media, at events or through lifelong learning opportunities – and build connections that serve you and our community.


    Over the years, tens of thousands of individuals around the world have called uLethbridge their own. We are a community of inspiring lights, together we shine brighter. Catch up with friends, reconnect with former colleagues and classmates or meet new people, nearby or far away. Start new conversations or continue old ones.

    Stay up to date on our collective achievements, advancements and aspirations:

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    The reasons for volunteering are as varied as the volunteers themselves. For some, it’s about giving back and supporting a particular cause. For others, it’s an opportunity to acquire new skills and gain experience. Regardless of the motivation, volunteering benefits both you and the places you serve.  

    As a volunteer, you contribute to people, organizations and causes across the community. By giving your time today, you demonstrate a commitment to our collective future and raise the bar for those around you.  

    Find the fit that’s best for you based on your interests and availability:

    “Volunteering is an excellent way to tackle the question ‘what do want to be when you grow up? It’s a great way to become aware of different career pathways and get the experience needed for introductory jobs.” - Imogen Pohl | Faculty of Arts & Science student | Recipient of the Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers

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    Is there something you wish you had known before you graduated? Whether it's a professional skill you never knew you needed or a career path you would have explored earlier, your experience can help others.  

    Share what you’ve learned and inspire the next generation. By connecting with current students and other alumni, you will build professional relationships and expand your own professional network. You will have access to new career opportunities, keep up with industry trends, and enhance your leadership skills through real-world practice, all benefitting your own professional development. 

    Help others make the connection between their education and their career aspirations. Mentorship opportunities exist online, in person and at events: 

    “My goal is to provide practical examples – to apply research and classroom teachings to businesses in today’s marketplace that are in the midst of rapid change and growth and facing various challenges. I want to help students apply theory to practice in real ways, and help them understand how to manage their own careers.” - Anil Pereira (BMgt ’87)

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    Our campus is a place with something for everyone. Whether you’re an artist, athlete, scientist, scholar, entrepreneur, entertainer, young or young at heart, we are home to a variety of programs, celebrations, speakers, games, performances and lessons that will pique your curiosity and inspire lifelong learning. 

    Attend a uLethbridge event and be a part of a community of inspiring lights:

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    Knowledge has no expiry. Whether you want to shift careers, upgrade professional credentials or simply indulge your curiosity, you can keep going – and keep growing. 

    We want to empower our community to be leaders, innovators, thinkers and doers. Our partnerships with organizations and individuals span a variety of sectors, industries and professional networks. These collaborations result in professional and personal learning opportunities for lifelong learners, as well as dialogue among thoughtful citizens who want to build stronger, more engaged communities. 

    Stay curious, get inspired and learn new skills: 

    • Attend a free lecture or speaker series
    • Connect with career planning resources though Career Bridge
    • Enhance your professional skills with THRIVE
    • Create and discover with Agility’s innovative learning experiences

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    What’s your story? Has a particular memory stayed with you over the days, weeks, months or years? Are you working on an exciting initiative or project? What or who has made or is making a profound impact on your life? Where are you heading? Where have you been?

    We all have a story. Whether you’re a student, alum, faculty or staff member, retiree or community member, we hope you’ll inspire us by telling us how you shine:

    • Share your story or tell us about a uLethbridge community member doing great things
    • Help us celebrate uLethbridge family: nominate an alum for our annual Alumni Achievement Awards

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