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    The Campaign for the University of Lethbridge supports a variety of research, education, innovation and partnership initiatives, and will shape the future of our university and southern Alberta. Your support will create exciting, innovative programs, create countless opportunities for students to be successful and enable research that makes the world a better place. 

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    Types of gifts

    Alumni Giving

    By participating in Annual Alumni Giving, you help programs, research and student support initiatives, including scholarships and awards; research equipment and supplies; experiential learning activities; minor capital items; and a variety of other tools and opportunities.

    Annual Funds at uLethbridge include:

    Alumna Sherry Davis (BMgt '01) created the Sherry Davis Academic Award, an annual award for a full-time continuing undergraduate student at uLethbridge who is also a parent of at least one dependent child.

    “I have a great career, and it’s all because of the decision I made to return to university. It was a real challenge, but one of the best choices I ever made. Thinking about that, it was clear to me that the way I should give back would be to support students who are in the same position I was in.”
    - Sherry Davis (BMgt '01) 

    Corporate Matching Gifts

    Many employers have programs to match their employees’ donations to higher education. These matching gifts are an easy way to increase your contribution's financial impact, at no extra cost to you. Company matching gift policies vary; consult your employer’s policy for additional details. To learn whether your employer has a matching gift program, check with your workplace's human resources or the community investment office. Please note that matching gifts will be directed to support the same area as your personal gift unless your company’s policy specifies otherwise. Gifts of currency and often gifts of publicly traded securities are eligible to be matched. 

    "By matching my financial gift to the University of Lethbridge, my employer is reinforcing the value of my education and their commitment to supporting and developing the future workforce in Alberta." 
    - Greg Brodner (BMgt ‘12) | Human Resources Advisor, Syncrude Canada

    Crowdfunding Projects

    Choose from a variety of creative and innovative projects, from putting science on display with a life-sized interactive periodic table to unique initiatives like the Brock Hirsche Pronghorn Hockey Award. With crowdfunding, you can make an immediate difference, and a little goes a long way!

    Leadership Gifts

    Our donors' generosity increases educational opportunities for students, expands physical spaces on campus and provides necessary resources for research. We have a number of projects that could benefit from your support. In addition, we are happy to work with you to develop a project that meets your individual needs.

    In March 2018, uLethbridge announced the transformation of its Faculty of Management to the Dhillon School of Business in recognition of a $10-million gift from Calgary entrepreneur Navjeet (Bob) Dhillon. The business school will focus on education for today and tomorrow, building on its current curriculum by expanding its focus on finance and business innovation, entrepreneurialism and internationalization, providing new and exciting opportunities, including fintech, blockchain and crowdfunding, for faculty, students and community partners on both the Lethbridge and Calgary campuses.

    “I wouldn’t have achieved the success I’ve had if it wasn’t for education. I’m a first-generation Sikh immigrant and I’m very fortunate that I’m in a position to make this contribution. This is my way of giving back to Canada. Supporting innovative education is key to launching Canadian talent in today’s connected world.” 
    - Navjeet (Bob) Dhillon


    Planned Giving

    A planned gift is a creative and flexible way to make a contribution that accounts for your unique needs, interests and financial situation. With careful planning, these gifts can often reduce tax burdens and be made without affecting your current financial circumstances. However, the greatest benefit of planned giving is in the satisfaction that comes when you are able to make a lasting difference in an area that holds personal significance and value.

    By making a planned gift you to plant seeds for a brighter future and ensure that opportunities for the education and research will be available for years to come.

    In 2017, the University of Lethbridge Art Gallery received an exceptional bequest from the estate of Dr. Margaret (Marmie) Perkins Hess (DFA '04), a gift that included an unparalleled collection of more than 1,000 works, including pieces by the Group of Seven and their contemporaries, as well as more than 400 works by Indigenous artists, primarily Inuit and Northwest Coast First Nations. 

    “It was important to Marmie that her collection be open and accessible to the broadest audiences possible and also be used to support education, teaching and research. Given these wishes, we find it so satisfying that the Hess collection has found a new home at uLethbridge. Recognized nationally for the quality of its art collection and the standard of care and stewardship it provides to the collection, we take great comfort in knowing that Marmie would be absolutely thrilled with the new home and plans for her collection.” 
    - Dale Boniface and Richard Haskayne, co-executors of the Hess estate

    (photo: Alberta Order of Excellence)

    Supporting Our Students

    We are University of Lethbridge faculty, staff and retirees helping our students shine brighter by contributing to Supporting Our Students (SOS), an annual campaign that raises money for student awards and on-campus student-focused initiatives. Through your every day work on campus, you create a vital and engaging environment where students can succeed. We ask you to take the next step and join us by signing up for SOS todayOne-hundred per cent of your donation goes exactly where you choose, not toward administrative costs. While most donate to three main SOS funds, a scholarship, bursary and graduate scholarship, many others give to more than 100 other awards and initiatives. We encourage you to contribute to a project or initiatives that aligns with your values:

    The easiest way to donate is through payroll deduction, available to salaried uLethbridge faculty and staff. We also welcome and appreciate one-time donations. The amount you choose to give is not as important as your participation, so let’s unite to show our students ours is a campus that cares. 

    "Scholarships are a huge encouragement. Someone thinks highly enough of little old me that they want to place their trust in me; all I can do is express my gratitude. Thank you so very much for placing your trust in me and encouraging me at a time when I desperately needed it." 
    - Solomon Ip | Bachelor of Music student