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     Campuses & Facilities 

    Campus Infrastructure Projects

    Our campus infrastructure projects will advance our region and province, providing incredible opportunities for generations of students, researchers and community members to come.

    One of our very first gifts, 300 acres of land from the City of Lethbridge, differentiated uLethbridge from the beginning. Now spanning 500 acres, campus has grown significantly thanks to the generous support of our donors, adding new state-of-the-art buildings throughout the decades, as well as a campus in Calgary. Our new Science and Academic Building, revitalization of University Hall and a variety of other infrastructure projects will shape the future of our university and southern Alberta, exemplifying how a university and community can grow and prosper together.

    Science & Academic Building

    When the new Science & Academic Building, part of our Destination Project, opens in fall 2019, it will be one of the most advanced facilities for science and research in Canada.

    A home for innovation and discovery, the open and flexible laboratory environments will encourage and foster research between the sciences, and with an abundance of transparent walls, science will truly be on display for the public to see. Sustainably designed with the local climate in mind, students, faculty and community will come together under one roof to create, inquire and discover like never before.

    Now more than 75 per cent complete, it is the largest construction project to take place on campus since the original construction of University Hall. Demonstrating Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the building is on track to earn LEED gold certification and has also been nominated for a World Architecture Award.

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    Visionary Donor Imagines Possibilities for a New Science Facility

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    Varzaris Invest in the Future of Science at uLethbridge

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    Putting Science on Display
    Campus and Facilities

    Putting Science on Display

    Interactive periodic table will put science on display, igniting a spark in future scientists.