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     Faculties & Schools 

    QRS Specializing in experiential learning, we are a comprehensive academic and research university spanning seven faculties and schools.

    At inception, the University of Lethbridge had but two faculties: Arts & Science and Education. Today, as Alberta’s Destination University, we attract more than 8,700 undergraduate and graduate students, as well as renowned thought-leaders and researchers, from around the world to our campuses in Lethbridge and Calgary each year.

    Today, we offer more than 150 undergraduate and 60 graduate programs in the faculties of Arts & Science, Education, Fine Arts and Health Sciences, and the School of Liberal Education, the School of Graduate Studies and the Dhillon School of Business. 

    Dhillon School of Business

    With campuses in Lethbridge and Calgary, the Dhillon School of Business provides undergraduate and graduate students an engaging and immersive business education. At the forefront of emerging technologies, the business school is home to global perspectives, state-of-the-art facilities and unique opportunities for students to integrate theory and practice with industry experiences. Building on its current curriculum, the Dhillon School of Business will expand its focus on finance and business innovation, entrepreneurialism and internationalization and emphasize futuristic learning with innovative subjects and technologies including blockchain, cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and robotics. Attracting renowned thought-leaders, the Dhillon School of Business advances knowledge through original research, innovating industry and inspiring the next generation of business leaders and entrepreneurs.

    "I took part in student leadership, case competitions and the Student Professional Development Program, which enabled me to acquire knowledge and develop skills I'll use throughout my professional career." - Faizan Ahmed (BMgt '16)

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    Faculty of Arts & Science

    In the Faculty of Arts & Science, students do more than just learn their discipline; they experience it. In settings both inside and outside the classroom, students have opportunities to participate in leading-edge research led by world-renowned scientists and scholars.

    Engaging research and insightful learning have a profound impact, both on our students and society at large. Our students are involved in a variety of collaborative projects that will create a lasting impact:

    “Being a member of the research concentration has played a huge role in how much I have enjoyed being a biology major. You get to learn how to do research, read the literature, design your own experiments and do hands-on work. It's pretty cool to think that I could someday get to a point where the research I'm doing could have a positive effect on the world. I don't know if I'd get that opportunity anywhere else." - Kaden Fujita | Bachelor of Science student

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    Faculty of Education

    The Faculty of Education believes that the future depends on the next generation of teachers. Our teacher preparation program involves learning through a combination of dynamic theoretical and practical experiences. We are known for our extensive field-based component that offers 27 weeks of practical classroom experience in a broad range of schools from rural to urban and elementary to secondary ­– some of the most extensive in Canada. Our students develop a strong knowledge base in their intended teaching areas. They also receive in-depth preparation in how to teach, including both general and subject area instructional methods. We are proud that our pre-service teachers are sought out even before graduation, and readily find teaching positions in Alberta and throughout the world.

    “The Education program is truly amazing. The professors are passionate about the content they are teaching and making sure you are engaged with and understand the materials.” - Amy (Yena) Shim (BEd '17, BA '16)

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    Faculty of Fine Arts

    The Faculty of Fine Arts strives to provide exciting opportunities for collaboration and innovation in the arts for both our students and community. Our internationally renowned community of artists, actors, designers, musicians and scholars provide a rich and dynamic atmosphere that fosters learning and creativity at all levels. Fine arts professors, students and graduates are vital participants in local, national and international artistic communities. We proudly promote the projects and achievements of our very active students, staff, faculty and alumni. From festivals to exhibitions to continuing their studies, our students, alumni and employees have represented uLethbridge worldwide.

    “Having the opportunity to gain practical experience through the museum studies internship has been incredible. In the art studio program, I've also learned a lot about engaging with peers and the arts community and have made so many great connections.” - Kylie Fineday | Bachelor of Fine Arts student

    Learn more about Kylie's uLethbridge experience

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    Faculty of Health Sciences

    On both our Lethbridge and Calgary campuses, the Faculty of Health Sciences strives to provide a rich education grounded in real-world practice, drawing from the knowledge and expertise of multiple health disciplines. We are an open, fair, honest, caring and collaborative community that exists to create conditions for a transformational education that is practical and responsive. We are a community of engaged scholars and health professionals who nurture an intellectually curious culture, engage in scholarship and practice with diverse populations, and promote responsible global citizenship. We are committed to providing a caring, dynamic and diverse learning environment that develops principled health professionals.

    “Coming from the north, I'm really interested in issues around food security and I plan to return there when I finish my program and pursue a career to address it. The project that we're working on is called Food for Thought; the goal is to improve food security and healthy eating among students.” - Aimee Yurris | Bachelor of Health Sciences student

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    School of Graduate Studies

    The University of Lethbridge is home to almost 600 graduate students from across Canada and around the world, who are here to pursue their passions for knowledge, research and career development. Serving the needs of students at both the doctoral and master’s levels on both our Lethbridge and Calgary campuses, the School of Graduate Studies offers a range of exciting and career-relevant graduate programs in counselling, education, fine arts, health sciences, humanities, management, social sciences and the STEM disciplines. Many of our programs are unique for their emphasis on transdisciplinary research, where students utilize multiple theories, methods and tools to answer exciting research questions that cut across disciplinary boundaries.

    “I came to understand myself not just as a data collector, but as a caretaker for the data and the spirits. Maintaining a database of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women and Girls is a process of prayer in the sense that there’s so much unhealed trauma and so much unhealed grief around these pieces; if we’re able to document and honour them and help their stories and the violence they experienced have meaning, then we may be able to resolve some of that grief and trauma. My work is designed to empower Indigenous people to tell their stories in ways that are meaningful to them and to collectively use this storytelling to organize against continued violence.” - Annita Lucchesi | PhD candidate

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    School of Liberal Education

    We established our School of Liberal Education in 2017 to enhance our commitment to liberal education as the foundational teaching and learning philosophy at uLethbridge.

    By fostering free inquiry and the critical interpretation of ideas, our unique four-pillar approach to liberal education - transdisciplinary-learning, the ability to connect and integrate knowledge across disciplines, critical-thinking and problem-solving, and engaged-citizenship - enables a better understanding of experiences and a more empathetic approach to those around us. This helps our students become global citizens who think critically, communicate thoughtfully, respect creativity and act in ways that better the world around them.

    "I didn't choose uLethbridge because of the liberal education philosophy, but it's why I stayed. What I've found is everything fits together if you just step back and think about it, even areas that seem like they are on opposite ends of the knowledge spectrum. I want to help differend groups like the sciences and humanities reach a shared understanding and work together." - Jace Briand | Bachelor of Arts &  Science student

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